Conservation and major restoration works to a 19th century mansion.

Restoration works include:

  • New traditionally cut roof to over 50% of the building. Reuse of Welsh slates.
  • All stonework & brickwork in lime mortar. All render - both internally and externally -  was lime (putty lime), including horsehair and synthetic additives.
  • The original ornate covings were retained and replicated to many areas on the 1st floor, as well as the grand main entrance hall and former ballroom.
  • This was a particularly fine example of "egg & dart" coving.
  • The replacement balustrades to the staircase were cast by a Scottish foundry to the original pattern.
  • The balustrade handrail was formed from hardwood, with the angles and bends being hand-carved. It was then French polished to a lacquer finish.
  • Two new chimneys were built to replace those lost during a fire 30 yrs ago.
  • The funding was from CADW. The chimneys were an exact copy of those lost, details taken from historical photos.
  • The old flagstones from the former basement tobacco stores were reused at the entrance foyer. The existing sash windows (over 80 no.) were restored, many of which were over 3 metres high.
  • The existing skirting was replicated, much of which comprised 3 pieces, up to 14" high.Existing doors, over 9' tall and 4' wide were upgraded to a suitable fire rating, whilst still retaining the original pattern.
  • The original lead "flat roof" was replaced between the East and West wings.
  • The external Bathstone balustrades were replaced, pattern again from photos.The Ashlar facade was cleaned and repaired by our stonemasons.