We’re dedicated to conserving quality buildings for the future. We understand their beauty, their heritage, their tradition and their meaning in the context of the modern world, and we’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to employ specialists who have the delicate touch required to repair, rebuild, modernise and restore structures for future generations.

Our dedicated division, John Weaver Conservation, has an excellent pedigree of over 100 years of combined craftsmanship and construction expertise. This is combined with first hand experience gained on a wide variety of successfully completed refurbishment and conservation projects over the past 20 years (at contract values up to £8m).

We’re proud of our reputation in this highly specialised area and our expanding portfolio throughout South Wales, a reputation earned on account of our:

  • First class team of directly employed craftsmen skilled in the use of traditional materials
  • Versatile bespoke joinery shop
  • Highly motivated management team
  • Carefully chosen local supply chain, built up over many years

With a ‘hands on’ personalised approach and partnering culture, John Weaver works closely with all our clients to establish long term business relationships – its success in achieving this aim is borne out by the large volume of repeat business.